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‘Scrap mining leases lacking in green nod’

Comments Off on ‘Scrap mining leases lacking in green nod’   |   February 17, 2014    10:11am   |Contributed by manoja

AHMEDABAD: The Gujarat high court on Thursday directed the state government to close with immediate effect all minor mineral mining activities that are underway without environment clearance (EC). Construction business might have an adverse impact as minor minerals include sand and lime stone.

The high court has also ordered to stop excavation within the certain limit of protected forest areas. Certain kind of mining, however, will be permitted for next six months with certain riders. The court also directed the state government to strictly adhere to the Supreme Court’s guidelines issued in February 2012. The SC made it mandatory for miners to have an EC before starting excavations across the country.

There are 2,887 mines that are located within 5 km of forest area, nature park, reserved forest, sanctuary.

“The state has been directed to stop the excavation from these mines and resume the possession of the area. Any grant in these areas in future should be as per the Supreme Court guidelines. Prior environment clearance is must and should be allotted to bidders only after auction of the leases,” the court said.

Those mines that were given permission before the SC order could continue mining for six months. But they, too, will have to obtain an EC within three months. After the expiry of this mining lease, the government will auction again and it will be the bidder’s liability to obtain an EC.

The state government gave a list of 7,990 lease holders, and the court took a serious note of some glaring example of laxity in approval of mines. “In certain cases, the state government has not mentioned the place or the survey number of the land where mining takes places. This looks like a magical trick. Irrespective of period of the grant or renewal, such mines must be cancelled immediately,” court said.


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