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National Green Tribunal upholds order on reckless concretization

Comments Off on National Green Tribunal upholds order on reckless concretization   |   February 25, 2014    02:53pm   |Contributed by manoja

NOIDA: The National Green Tribunal on Thursday reinforced a 2001 UP government order to preserve rapidly declining levels of groundwater in Ghaziabad and to restrict reckless concretization of urban areas. The order, issued by the UP chief secretary in April, 2001, stipulates that no more than 5% of parks and green areas be covered with concrete or tiles.

The implementation orders were issued by the principal bench of the tribunal on a petition in which it has been alleged that large-scale tiling and concretization of urban landscape has restricted natural groundwater resources and is threatening urban biodiversity in the long run.

“It is submitted that the ground water level has gone down from 16 metre in the past to 19 metre. Due care should be taken so that further such damage is prevented,” states the order.

The PWD secretary has been directed to convene a meeting with Ghaziabad Development Authority (GDA) and Ghaziabad Municipal Corporation within two weeks. The authorities have also been asked to ensure enforcement of the order and address replenishment of groundwater in the city. A report is to be submitted by March 24.

The order stipulates that footpaths and tracks in green areas must be constructed only with permeable or semi-permeable and perforated blocks. The bench has extended the scope of this order to any entity that takes possession of land in Ghaziabad.

“These directions should be made applicable to all authorities or societies to whom the land is handed over,” says the order.


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