Civil Lines

Location: North Delhi
In contemporary times the metropolis like Delhi has been divided into four important zones which include the East, West, North and South zone. Civil lines comes under the North Zone belt. The place got its name from the British Empire when they demarcated the region for civilians and military separately. The place reflects a blend of historical and modern times.

The historical artefacts that make Civil Lines a hot spot include the Coronation Pillar, Mutiny Memorial, Metcalfe House and Viceregal Lodge, Shalimar Bagh, Rosanna Bagh, Qudsia Bagh, Delhi Ridge and ancient monument such as Ashokan Pillar.

A tour of Civil Lines fills our memories with various empire ages. Some other famous places in Civil lines are Shah Alam’s Tomb Flagstaff Tower, Chauburji Masjid, Pir Ghaib, Old Secretariat, Majnu Ka Tila, Ashokan Pillar, Hindu Rao’s House, Nicholson Cemetry.

Civil Lines is also famous in between the students preparing for IAS examinations as it is also near to Jawahar Lal University. These students live there in rent and hence the rentals have gone quite high in Civil Lines. Areas like Mukherjee Nagar which is part of Civil Lines is regarded as an Educational Point.

Some of the parts of this area have turned into residential settlements. Many banks have come up with their branches in this region of Delhi. There are several schools and educational institutes for higher studies set here. This place also boasts of owning an underground metro railway station. It is one of the fastest developing districts in Delhi.

It’s a developing district. It Includes areas

  • Mukherjee Nagar: It’s an educational centre. It has a famous movie theatre Batra.
  • Kingsaway Camp: Main & Conjusted market.
  • Hudson Line: It’s a standard living.
  • Timarpur: Its Official Place having Many Offices
  • Radio Colony: Its a green wonder having a “Radio Station”
  • Dhir Pur: A small and conjusted village near Raosary School
  • Dhaka Village: Its a good place to live many students living here on rent
  • Gandhi Adhram: Its a green open Sometimes also having A “Khadi Mela” Once Gandhi visited it
  • Parmanand Colony: Most of the sikhs and Punjabis live here

Kashmere Gate Inter State Bus Terminal is the nearest bus station to Civil Lines.