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GBM seal on higher TDR for Tapovan land

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NASHIK: The general body meeting (GBM) of the Nashik Municipal Corporation (NMC) on Saturday resolved to grant higher transfer and development rights (TDR) for land owners at Tapovan to acquire plots for Sadhugram to accommodate the sadhus visitng the city during next year’s Kumbh mela.

Mayor Yatin Wagh said the civic body would grant TDR of 10 for land at Tapovan where the existing TDR permissible is 0.20 as it is in the no development zone.

The NMC intends to change the reservation of the land from a “no development zone” and reserve it for Sadhugram.

The land-owners will be able to use the enhanced TDR after the proposal is approved by the urban development department.

Mayor Wagh said, “The NMC needs crores of rupees to acquire land for Sadhugram at Tapovan and it is not affordable for the municipal corporation. Considering the existing land rates and new land acquisition act of the government, it was necessary to give higher TDR to the land owners so that they would be ready for the acquisition. Considering this, the TDR of 10 will be granted to the land owners for acquisition of the land. The resolution of the GBM of the NMC will be sent to the state government for its approval.”

Earlier, during the apex committee meeting of the state on Kumbh, chief minister Prithviraj Chavan had asked the NMC to prepare an “attractive proposal” for TDR for land acquisition at Tapovan.

Accordingly, the civic administration had tabled a proposal at the last GBM in December, seeking approval to additional 1.25 TDR for land acqiustion at Sadhugram, but the corporators had sought to give maximum TDR for the acquisition of the land.

Here upon, the mayor had asked the civic administration to revise the proposal for additional TDR.

Thereafter, the civic administration had prepared a fresh proposal seeking 1.50 TDR to landowners for the acquisition of land. The proposal in this connection was tabled at the GBM on Saturday, in which the GBM of NMC resolved to grant TDR of 10.

Around 163 acres fall in no-development zone in Tapovan area, located in the central part of the city and close to the Mumbai-Agra highway and the Aurangabad highway.

Currently, the TDR permissible there is only 0.20. Hence, the NMC needed to grant higher TDR for the land acquisition.

The next Kumbh mela is scheduled in 2015, when around three lakh sadhus are expected to visit the city. Nearly 323 acres of land have been identified for the Sadhugram in the Tapovan area. Of this, 54 acres have been acquired by the NMC.

The rest has been proposed for the Sadhugram at Tapovan. Of the remaining 269 acres of land, 163 acres fall in a no-development zone, while 58 acres in a residential zone have been reserved for sahdugram by the state government.

The NMC has also commenced the process of changing the reservation of 163 acres of land from the no-development zone.

The NMC now has only two options: either to acquire these 269 acres for the Sadhugram on a temporary basis or opt for complete acquisition.

The land can be acquired in two ways – either by providing monetary compensation or acquiring it against the TDR.

The NMC may get the land free of charge if an additional TDR is granted to the land-owners concerned.


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