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CDP 2015 still stuck, but BDA ready for master plan 2031

Comments Off on CDP 2015 still stuck, but BDA ready for master plan 2031   |   January 25, 2014    02:23pm   |Contributed by manoja

BANGALORE: Bangalore is set to get a revised master plan, a vision for its development a decade hence. Master plan 2031 will define land use and demarcate zones for the city’s sprawl.

The Bangalore Development Authority (BDA), which revises the city’s master plan every 10 years, has entrusted work of preparing the document to Delhi-based DHV India Private Limited, following tender formalities.

BDA town planning member A Rangesh told TOI the work order will be issued soon and the consultancy will begin by preparing study maps based on satellite imagery. “The Rs 14-crore project will take at least two years to complete,” he added.

Master plans are expected to envisage and determine what the city will look like through the targeted period.

But preparations to draw up the master plan for Bangalore has failed to enthuse urban experts, given the failure of the two previous documents to anticipate its chaotic growth. The city is bursting at its seams, and its potholed roads, lack of pavements, overflowing garbage and traffic jams make a mockery of planned development.

Not dynamic

As urbanist V Ravichandar put it, master plans, unfortunately, end up becoming land use plans that are narrow in scope. “This has been the fate of past master plans, including the CDP 2015. A true master plan needs to be dynamic and all the stakeholders should follow the guiding principles,” he said.

Suresh R, urban expert, pointed out that RMP 2015 opened up 56 sqkm of residential area for mixed land use, allowing certain commercial activities. He said flawed implementation has led to unbridled urban growth and widespread deviations that have to be regularized through penalties.

Admitting they had erred in the past but won’t repeat it, a senior BDA official said: “We’ve asked the consultancy to prepare a master plan with a process which should be adaptive and provide for a potential change in the statutory and institutional arrangements for Bangalore’s governance. Such a process should be accommodative through the lifetime of its implementation.”

Looking ahead

The master plan needs genuine citizen participation and is not a mere opportunity to raise objections which are often dismissed. The tools of getting citizen inputs are not well developed but we must use the 2031 plan to do just that. Inputs are needed from citizens, RWAs, industry and NGOs. There is wisdom in the crowds.

V Ravichandar | urbanist

There should be a consensus among stakeholders in protecting family jewels like Lalbagh and other prime spots, before going ahead with actual planning.

Arun Jain | urban designer and board member, International federation of housing and planning

The city should go for a short-term plan instead of decadal ones. There should be a dedicated committee to monitor the implementation of the master plan. What’s happening now is that a consultancy prepares the plan and vanishes.

TG Sitharam | chairman, Centre for infrastructure, sustainable transport and urban planning, IISC

Times View

If experience is anything to go by, the revised master plan 2031 promises to be a waste of funds. The BDA’s earlier master plan has failed on many fronts – implementation, land regulation, building and zonal norms. Though meant to be a vision document, it has failed to foresee the city’s spread, and what it needs by way of supporting infrastructure. Outsourcing planning to a Delhi agency is also absurd – Bangalore needs planners, architects and civilians who know the geography well. The plan should not fall prey to the builders’ lobby.


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