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Faster construction with Russian tech in India now

Comments Off on Faster construction with Russian tech in India now   |   September 23, 2014    08:43pm   |Contributed by Indian Realty News

ACIL (Ahluwalia Contracts India Limited), one of the leading Construction Companies in the country, has entered into a Technical Collaboration with KUB-STROY, Russia, recently for high speed pre-cast construction using KUB 2.5 technology.

The technology aids in high speed construction of structures using patented pre-cast systems and can be used for construction up to 22 floors in high seismic zones. ACIL is the only authorised implementing partner of KUB-STROY for all the projects executed through this technology. The patented construction technology has been successfully implemented in more than 25 million sq ft of development in Russia and neighboring countries as well as in the Middle East and other parts of the world.

This high-mechanised technology is considered investment-friendly as it involves unaffected margin, enhanced product quality and timely delivery of the project. The precast structures made by using KUB 2.5 technology can be quickly erected on the construction site by means of mechanical equipments with minimal disruption to the site, saving energy and increased comfort. The manufacturing of these precast components is done through a simple production set up which requires less stocking space. Also the construction process is eco friendly and reduces wastage. The technology contributes to sustainable design in many ways, since there are no beams; the system provides better headroom and high flexibility for internal planning and alterations in future.

Speaking about the benefits of the technology, Shobhit Uppal, Deputy Managing Director, ACIL said, “With KUB 2.5 technology, it is much simpler and easier in the construction of large volume projects as it reduces the dependency on manpower requirement at site at least till the finishing work starts. The pre-cast technology will improvise the efficiency and reduce the manpower during the completion of the project. It will ensure reducing the construction time by about 50 per cent till structure completion. We are committed to consistently achieve client satisfaction by providing all construction related services including design on turnkey basis and assuring timely completion of projects within budget and with excellent quality.”

— TNS and Agencies

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