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HUDA to fine architects for faulty building plans

Comments Off on HUDA to fine architects for faulty building plans   |   February 16, 2014    12:30pm   |Contributed by manoja

GURGAON: Architects, not house owners, will be issued notices if HUDA authorities find violations in building layouts in newly constructed houses within its jurisdiction.

Normally, HUDA sends a notice to a house owner if it finds discrepancies at the time of issuing the completion certificate. The authority refuses to issue such a certificate in case of a violation.

“Violations in building layouts take place because of an architect’s mistake. It is the responsibility of the architect to stick to the rules,” said HUDA administrator P C Meena. He said that issuing notices to house owners was unnecessary because it was the architect who submitted the building plan to the authorities.

In Gurgaon, for every house in plotted sectors, an architect is engaged to plan the house in accordance with the rule book. “Ideally, this step should have been taken a long time ago when the construction work was under way in many old sectors. If architects strictly ensure that a building is built according to the layout plan, there is no need to bribe anyone in HUDA,” said a resident.

In the new system, HUDA officials will survey a new building and inspect its layout plan. In case the house has structural violations of any kind, the architect will be issued a notice.

Architects, however, argued they were forced to make changes at the insistence of house owners. A city-based architect said, “If there is any new rule holding the architect responsible for building layout violation then it is disheartening. Changes are done by house owners and contractors. We have no role in them.”


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