Developing Real Estate of Tripura

Tripura is a state located in North East India. It is earlier regarded as a royal state before its merger with the Indian Union. Agriculture and allied activities are the chief occupation of the people of Tripura, which provide employment to about 64% of its population. Apart from its capital Agartala, some major towns in Tripura include Badharghat, Jogendranagar, Dharmanagar, Pratapgarh, Udaipur.Tripura enjoys the status of being ‘a laboratory of exotic cultural region’ and has a great scope to be turned into a potential tourist destination. It will not only underpinned the revenue-base of the state, but also promote national integration.

Indian real estate has unfolded itself as a lucrative investment option, as it gives regular returns and also provides capital appreciation. This is the scenario presently seen in the country for the past few years. Roll your eyes in any direction; the property boom will welcome you everywhere. However, it is yet to come in some of the northeastern states, as their infrastructure needs some improvement.

New Delhi has come up with a grant of over Rs 2600 crore to fund the development of Agartala. Out of this big money, a grant of Rs. 1600 crore is kept for face lifting of Tripura. The government of Tripura has been asked to submit a report to be reviewed by the Urban Development Ministry.

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The Asian Development Bank has also invested over USD260 million for the development of the capital cities of five NE states. The project, which is likely to be over by the next five years, aims at development of roads, setting up a proper system of water supply and drainage systems and slum area development.

Some other major programmes, which see improving basic urban infrastructure of the state as their main objective, are also on the track. Although moving at snails pace, the residential segment of the state seems to be expanding, making homes available to everyone. And, there are the local property developers, expecting to cash in on their lands soon, because of expected development within or around the area.

The famous DS Group has decided to come up with a state-of-the-art Rubber Thread Manufacturing facility at Agartala, Tripura. The state of Tripura is the second largest natural rubber producer in India and is showing a consistent growth in production.

Cities of Tripura
Amarpur – Tripura
Pratapgarh – Tripura
Udaipur – Tripura