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Rs 100 crore worth prime govt land resumed in Jubilee Hills

Comments Off on Rs 100 crore worth prime govt land resumed in Jubilee Hills   |   March 20, 2014    09:55am   |Contributed by manoja

HYDERABAD: The Hyderabad district administration on Wednesday resumed 3.31 acres of prime government land in Jubilee Hills allotted to Anand Cine Services, an outdoor film unit, as the management failed to utilise it for the purpose it was assigned. The resumed land could be worth nearly Rs 100 crore.

According to revenue records, the Hyderabad district administration had allotted five-acre government land (survey No. 403) on Road No.76, Jubilee Hills in Shaikpet mandal in 2001 for putting up cinema settings and parking area.

The state government had set up the Andhra Pradesh Land Management Authority (APLMA) last year and asked all district collectors to identify parcels of government land allotted to private persons for different reasons and asked them to submit a report on the status of the allotted land.

Accordingly, Hyderabad collector Mukesh Kumar Meena and Shaikpet mandal revenue authorities inspected all the parcels of government land last July and short-listed firms, including Anand Cine Services, which had not utilised the allotted land. The Anand Cine Services land was in the name of former Chennai-based film producer and managing director of Gemini Film Circuit and Anand Cine Services, Akkineni Ravi Shankar Prasad. He had died in a mysterious way last July.

The Hyderabad district administration then served notices on the management of Anand Cine Services asking them reasons for not utilising the government land. Responding to the notices, the firm authorities concerned replied that of five-acre land allotted, only 1.09-acre land was utilised and remaining was vacant. The collector wrote to the Chief Commissioner of Land Administration (CCLA) to resume the vacant government land.

The CCLA after examining the case decided to resume the land and asked the Hyderabad collector to take necessary steps. Based on the CCLA and collector’s instructions, the district revenue authorities had served final notices on Anand Cine Services in January stating that the vacant land would be resumed shortly.

“As per the collector’s instructions, we have resumed the vacant land in possession of Anand Cine Service on Road No. 76, Jubilee Hills in the presence of Shaikpet mandal tehasildar Venkat Reddy and other officials. We have sent photographs pertaining to the land to the CCLA,” tehasildar, Land Protection, Hyderabad Collectorate, R Chandrakala told TOI.

Further to protect the land from land sharks, works for construction of a compound wall has begun on the premises. A signboard has also been put up warning trespassers.


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