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Paint house blue-and-white in Kolkata and get full property tax waiver

Comments Off on Paint house blue-and-white in Kolkata and get full property tax waiver   |   June 10, 2014    09:54pm   |Contributed by Indian Realty News

Kolkata is all set to turn into a blue-and-white city during the Mamata government.

The Kolkata Municipal Corporation (KMC) announced Monday that if you paint your house’ exterior blue-and-white, you will be fully exempted from paying property tax to the government. The Trinamool Congress-run KMC has come up with a proposal to waive the property tax for 2014-15 if a residential building or house is painted in the party’s favorite color combination — white and sky blue.

“We will allow full waiver of property tax for 2014-15 if anybody wishes to paint his/her house or even apartment buildings, of course residential, in white and sky blue – the theme color for Kolkata,” city mayor Sovan Chatterjee, who chaired the Mayor-in-Council meeting on Monday, said.

BJP state president Rahul Sinha was quick to question the logic behind the move and said it would only increase the state’s financial burden.

“Why white and blue? The government has to go to the public and explain the reason for such a colour choice before taking up such schemes. However, this act of the KMC or to say of Mamata Banerjee, is a childish one which will put the already bankrupt civic body into further financial crisis,” Sinha said.

Congress municipal party chief Mala Roy termed it as a gimmick.

“This decision will not benefit the thousands of disputed property owners. It’s an arbitrary move and will see an early death in the court,” Roy claimed.

According to the KMC Act 1980, any decision to waive property tax for a full year needs the approval of the governor, which might put the entire initiative in jeopardy.

Questions have also been raised by the CPI(M) against the KMC move.

“To paint a two-storied house you need at least one lakh rupees, while you can avail only say `2,000 as waiver, which is your annual property tax. It’s not a buying proposition for the middle-class residents of Kolkata,” CPI(M) leader Rupa Bagchi argued.

Since coming to power, chief minister Mamata Banerjee had evinced interest in a theme colour for Kolkata and had zeroed in on the combination of white and sky blue.

Not wanting to be left behind, the KMC too had started painting all public places, including civic offices, bridges, flyovers, guard railings and road dividers, in the adopted colour combination.

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